Getting to Kapit & Belaga

May 8, 2006


Express Boats

Kapit Wharf in Sibu

From Sibu, you can start your travel to Kapit and Belaga. There is no road and air access to Kapit. The town is accessible only by fast riverboats (locally called express boats) plying between Sibu, Song and Kapit. The services start as early as 5.45 am and end at 2.30 pm (from Sibu) and 3.50 pm (from Kapit) everyday.

Belaga can also be reached by air link from Bintulu. Malaysia Airlines (MAS) offers two flights in a week i.e. every Wednesday (10.40am) and Saturday (11.10am). Meanwhile, flights from Belaga to Bintulu are also scheduled on every Wednesday (11.30am) and Saturday (12 noon). The one way fare is RM40.00 (exclude taxes and fees). Nevertheless, in order to really see and enjoy the Batang Rejang, visitors are encouraged to travel by boats.



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